2019 Championship Tickets Available Now!





Available Now!

The 2019 season is coming to a close, but one more game remains until we determine who will be skating for the Championship on September 21st at Revention Music Center.

Our 2019 Championship match is being determined by best point differential in head-to-head games. The Valkyries took home the win on Saturday, August 3rd defeating the Bayou City Bosses by 20 points (149-129) after being down up until in the final 4 minutes of game play. This was only 2 points shy of the the Bosses win on March 30th, where they beat the Valkyries by 22 points (133-111).

On August 24th, Psych Ward Sirens and the Valkyries will have one more chance to earn their spot in the Championship match. Last time these two teams went head-to-head, the Sirens and the Valkyries remained close from the get go, both starting the first jam with several scoring passes, and remaining close until the last 10 jams, where the Valkyries pulled ahead for their first victory of the season with a 30 point win (214 - 184). Will the Sirens be able to turn the tides against the Valkyries and earn their spot in the championship game against the Bosses?

Tickets to our final 2 games of the 2019 season are available online now OR from your favorite skater!