Featured Charity: nonPareil Institute

nonPareil Exists to Build Better Futures for Adults With Autism



Houston Roller Derby is excited to welcome the nonPareil Institute as our featured charity for our April 27th Double Header Event!

nonPareil Institute is a post-secondary, not-for-profit, innovative program whose mission is to Build Better Futures for Adults with Autism. They offer hope to adults on the spectrum, enabling them to acquire skills and enhance their ability to live a more meaningful and independent life. They provide person-centered training and support in technology, vocational, life and social skills. Their goal is to help each student (Crew) find their passion and reach their full potential. nonPareil has a proven track record of assisting this underserved group of people and successfully preparing them for increased independence and fulfilling lives. Some are able to pursue employment at nonPareil upon completion of their training. Others wish to pursue or return to college, while many transition into meaningful employment upon leaving nonPareil. They have helped over 500 adults with autism and are currently serving 220 Crew Members between the Plano and Houston operations. They are in the process of expanding our program to other cities throughout the U.S.

The nonPareil Institute was nominated as our featured charity by Siren skater Cute Butt Psycho. She shared that “April is Autism awareness month and though we are succeeding in the area of awareness for these individuals there is a growing need for the awareness of the adult life of these individuals post high school years and the limiting options these individuals have to live their full quality of life. Behind of the stigma of these individuals, there is an enormous amount of talent and opportunities being missed because of years of misunderstandings. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist in shedding light into the amazing aspects and potential these individuals have to offer, as well as the opportunity to give back to a part of this community not primarily considered.”

To learn more, visit https://www.npitx.org/